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Access Bars and Hopi

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Feel you’ve ‘talked enough’?
Not sure what’s wrong?

At your ‘Bars’ session, all you have to do is to lie down comfortably on the couch whilst I gently hold different points on your head.  It’s okay to talk but most people enjoy a quiet relaxation. 

‘Having your bars run’ as the treatment session is called, is a way of allowing your mind to:

Some say it’s like deleting files from a computer, clearing space, and having some ‘down-time’.  My clients have been amazed at the level of relaxation they have achieved during the treatment.

Allow 60 minutes for each treatment session

Or treat yourelf to a 90 minute session if you feel you need it.

‘At best, life-changing, at least like having a really good massage’


with lymph drainage and acupressure

This combined treatment has been designed with the aim of relieving sinus congestion and related symptoms.

The treatment consists of:

Lymphatic drainage massage stimulates the flow of lymphatic fluid in the head, face and neck.  Acupressure massage stimulates pressure points on the face.

Hopi Ear ‘Candles’  are hollow tubes hand-made from woven flax, soaked in honey, beeswax, camomile, sage and hypericum.  The ‘candles’ are gently inserted in the outer ear only – covering the entrance to the auditory canal.  The top of the candle is lit like a candle and held securely in position throughout the treatment.  Whilst in place, a warming sensation is felt and there may be a soft hissing sound.  Most people find the treatment deeply relaxing and feel ‘lighter’ afterwards, with reduced sinus congestion.  A course of 3 treatments has been found helpful.

The treatment is carried out on a comfortable couch where you lay on your back, and then on each side in turn.

The full treatment session is approximately 1 hour

This treatment should not be carried out if there is infection, local irritation, or a history of perforated ear drum.  It is not a substitute for examination, assessment and treatment from your GP or specialist. 

For more information contact: Patricia Bryden, CertEd, DHyp(Dist), CBS, ITEC, MBTPA


Tel: 07718279172/01484 523834

Mail: pbrydentherapies@gmail.com

23 years’ experience in promoting well-being and reducing the effects of stress


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